Online slots are the well-liked online casino game, and that’s not surprising; after all, there are so many of them that you’ll have a hard time choosing which one to play. Nowadays, 130 years after the first slot was invented, we can find casinos all over the globe with 2,000+ gambling games. How important slot machines actually are can be seen in the fact they occupy around 70% of every casino’s interior, and that’s because they generate the most profit for them. If you are looking for something fresh – Real Money Casino Games at MeowSpins.com.

But what is required for you to indulge in these games? Well, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to possess any skills or knowledge. Even after several years of playing, there’s nothing much you can do differently.

The only thing that you have to do is pull the handle or press the button that will start spinning the reels, and in a few seconds, you’ll know whether you’ve won or lost. Now do you see how simple it is to play slots? Rounds last no longer than a couple of seconds, so players can spin the reels a bunch of times, and by doing so, bring in more money to casinos.

In the ‘90s, the phenomenon of playing online games gained in popularity, and that’s when casino sites started emerging. Today, we have a plethora of online casinos out there where gamblers can enjoy playing casino games and winning real money.

If you want to learn more, stay with us as we elaborate on how these slots work.

Random Number Generator

If you began playing online slots, you must have figured out that there’s a certain algorithm behind them. Namely, they use a Random Number Generator, or RNG, which is an algorithm that ensures the outcomes of each spin stays totally random. It is an independent mechanism, and there’s no way for slot players to affect it or predict the symbols that will appear on the screen.

There’s no difference whether you want to play for real money or free of charge; the results will stay the same. Also, if you thought that your previous rounds would make a difference in your following rounds, you are wrong.

If you are still perplexed with the term RNG, we’ll elaborate on how it works. The RNG is continually generating a set of numbers, so when you pull the lever (or press the spin button), the algorithm will stop on a number, which will determine the order and the type of symbols that will appear on the reels. Finally, once the animations end, you’ll be able to see the outcome of the spin yourself.

Scatter Symbols

In order to win in a round of slots, symbols have to be lined up in particular order to activate a payline. For instance, one row can represent one payline, and if three or more symbols show up in that row, you’ll win a round. However, scatter symbols don’t have to appear in a particular order; there just has to be three or more of them. They are special symbols which trigger bonus games, free spins, and features that can increase your chances of profiting.

Return to Player

Return to Player stands for the payout percentage of a slot machine. It indicates what percentage of money is going to be returned to players in the long run. This term is opposite to the house edge, which demonstrates the profit casinos make. For example, if you choose to play a slot with an RTP of 94%, it means the house advantage is 6%.

Bear in mind that RTP is not related to your odds of winning. If it happens that RTP is 96%, that doesn’t suggest you have just 4% odds of losing. Also, it doesn’t indicate that you will win 96 out of 100 rounds. RTP is calculated over a long period of time — over billions of rounds, to be exact.

Therefore, you can obtain nothing after a hundred consecutive rounds, and that will not mean the game has a low RTP. Considering this, you can check RTP to see which slots have better odds but don’t perceive it as something that will guarantee you a win.


This is another system of measurement you can use to distinguish between slots. Volatility depicts what amount of money a slot is going to pay and how regularly. High volatility indicates that the machine will not pay out often, but once it does, you are going to get a lot of money. Contrary to this is low volatility, which hands out winning combinations more frequently, but unfortunately, it doesn’t have high payouts.

When you’re deciding which slots to play, you should think about this aspect. If you choose a game with high volatility, you should bet with low amounts and play many rounds in hopes of winning big.

Online Slots


If you decide to play online, you’ll have better chances of winning because these games offer some things that can be beneficial to players. Namely, in land-based casinos, you’ll find slot machines with RTP between 85%–90%. Luckily, online slots feature a better RTP; most of them have 92–97%. And if you are fortunate, you’ll even be able to find a slot with an RTP of 98%.

In addition, if there are many games in a casino’s library, you will have more options to choose from. Besides classic three-reel slots and the most popular five-reel slots, you will also find six- and seven-reel ones as well. On top of that, a lot of games offer bonus features that might come in handy if you want to play and win more.

Slots Which Have the Highest Payouts

Average payouts are different for every slot machine. In order to find which one has the highest payout, you should check their RTP. The higher it is, the bigger the chances you’ll have to win big. However, the best-case scenario would be to find a slot with high volatility, which would ensure that it pays out big once in a while, but it would also likely imply regular losses as well.

Progressive Jackpots

If you are wondering what games have the highest payouts, we can give you an answer — games with progressive jackpots. The jackpot increases as players place bets in each round; moreover, plenty of casinos use a networked system of progressive jackpots. That signifies that all players play a part in the same pot, and that’s what allows the prize to be insanely high.

Slots with progressive jackpots can provide you with a lot of money, but we advise you to rethink playing them. Even though there’s a possibility of an enormous jackpot win, base payouts are, in fact, lower than in non-progressive slots.

The goal of every casino is to generate more money, so if you thought that hitting the jackpot would be easy, you’re mistaken. The odds are slim, and to make things even harder, you won’t be the only one who is after the jackpot. Having in mind everything we just explained, what do you think your chances are of hitting the jackpot?

Choose Wisely!

It’s imperative that you do research before you start playing slots for real money. Check out what games provide the highest RTP and stick to them — if RTP is higher, the chances of you winning will be as well.

If you succeed in finding a game with high volatility and reasonable RTP, you will increase your odds. Progressive jackpots are useful if you want to obtain big prizes, but bear in mind that it is harder to win on those slots.

To put it briefly, don’t spend too much time thinking about slots. See them as a hobby, and don’t be too concerned with payouts; otherwise, you’ll spoil the fun that they offer.

We wish you all the best, and good luck.

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