How Do Las Vegas Books Pay for Online Betting If I Win

When it comes to betting, Nevada is definitely your go-to state. It legalized betting in 1949, making it the first state to do so. Since this made Nevada a revolutionary state, it was bound to continue that practice. Ever since 2013, the residents of Nevada could bet online without having to worry about any legislation.

Of course, the situation wasn’t always that smooth. Before 2013 opened its doors to all sorts of betting, in 1992, sports betting was forbidden by the Congress. This left Nevada as the only state that allowed sports betting.

Out with the Old, in with the New

Some do consider it luck of the moment that sports betting became legal in 2013. Being in the middle of a technological revolution, it opened doors to betting from the comfort of your own sofa. To physically go to a casino and get a betting ticket became old-fashioned. Now, you can simply do it online. Ever since sports betting became completely legal, Nevada earned approximately $248 million from it alone. Millions of gamblers rush to this state every single year just to feel the gambler’s thrill.

How Did Sports Betting Become so Famous?

The USA is not alone in this one. Sports betting belongs to one of the most traditional ways to gamble. Although it was forbidden by the Congress, this didn’t stop American sports lovers from demanding this ban to be lifted. See, unlike typical gambling where all of your money depends on sheer luck, sports bettors need knowledge and experience to win. There is a lot of pleasure when you win because you were able to successfully predict. You were able to measure the weaknesses and strengths of different teams. And in the USA, anything goes when it comes to sports betting. From American Football to horse-racing, you can be sure to be able to bet on almost anything. It is a nation that traditionally enjoys sports.

An experienced sports-bettor knows all the right ways to win good money, just as they know their best chances are in Las Vegas.

These are the three most popular wagers: moneyline, point spreads, and totals. Each option correlates to a particular sport. If you’re a fan of hockey, baseball, and basketball, you are surely using the moneyline method. As for the two of America’s most liked sports, football and basketball, you bet with point spreads. It is a method invented by a mathematician Charles McNeil. Totals, or over/under bets, as many call them, is used for baseball. At the same time, this is the most simple betting method, and it might be a good idea for beginners. Either way, the most important thing to remember is — bet wisely, don’t play with your money.

Worldwide, there are so many betting places you can choose from. William Hill is not only famous in the US, but it shook the ground in Europe as well. This list is very long and is well known by most of the sports betting enthusiasts.

So How Exactly Do You Get the Money You Win?

If you decide to bet online, your biggest concern might be how to receive the money, and if that money is safe. There are so many methods to get paid out and naturally, casinos teamed up with banks. Here are just a few of the methods:

  • Debit and Credit cards
  • E-wallets
  • Instant e-checks
  • Cash deposit

Cash Methods

All of the options have their pros and cons, and each one will make sure to keep your withdrawal safe. Any of these options will have the money from your winning ticket delivered to you.

Debit and Credit Cards

By far the favorite method for Americans. They guarantee safety and all the bank regulations that need to be followed so your money is secured. Probably familiar to many, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express first come to mind. This holy trio is used by at least 90% of the worldwide population. Do note that Mastercard has the lowest success rate among the casinos. Although, if you use a prepaid Mastercard, your chances are far better. Either way, sticking to these three cards will give you the highest acceptance rate.


Although absolutely the safest way, a lot of users try to avoid this option, as it can be lengthy and overly complicated. The most famous one, Paypal, makes you verify your address and accept bank deposits. Skrill does the same thing. This kind of verification system isn’t there for absolutely no reason. E-wallets provide you with the best protection against online scams and money laundering. So for the skeptics, this might just be the best option. Click2Pay or NeTeller are options you can go for as well.

Cash Deposit Methods

Probably the most complicated method and not virtual, as many would prefer. The best and the safest companies would be the ones you’re most familiar with; WesternUnion, Moneygram, and Wire Transfer. And why isn’t it the most popular method? — You have to physically send your deposit to the Casino. Receiving your money works the same way. Also, a lot of casinos did not opt out of this option just yet. This leaves you with quite a few variables.

Overall, there are so many methods to choose from, you simply need to do some basic research. Each state has slightly different regulations, but they tend to be very similar. For those of you who are always up to date on the newest technology, Bitcoin might be an option too. Many claim it might be the safest option as well. If you’re looking for anonymity this might be the perfect choice for you. It is also very fast and has no additional transaction fees.

Gambling has existed in one form or another ever since the old ages. With today’s technology, it has become available to everyone.

Viva Las Vegas

No matter if you’re a betting veteran or someone just thinking of starting, Las Vegas is the perfect place to do so. Whether it’s online or not, casinos in this city offer safety, comfort, and most importantly, a good time.

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