How to Win on Pokies

What’s a Pokie?

It’s man VS the machine folks, and we’re going to increase your odds of winning

First of all, let’s clarify what exactly a Pokie machine is. This nickname came from Australia, while the rest of the world refers to it merely as a slot machine. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, these little fellows used three to five simple reels with blanks and symbols placed on each reel. It’s those blanks that told the machine when to stop. However, as the technology evolved, the Pokies now have an internal processor to keep score of how often people place bets on them. Now, you can even play Australian online pokies, thanks to the development of the Internet, and find Pokie games on almost any online casino.

These machines and online games have a reputation for being one of the most addictive ones in the gambling world. Now, there is no realistic way to beat the Pokies’ system, but we can help you increase your odds. The video machines which use five reels or more use a pseudo-random number generator (PRNG). So when you place a bet, the Pokie will generate a number, and each number is consistent with a specific pay-off. This results in a completely random result.

I found it to be fascinating, and before I knew it, I’ve spent over three hours playing without even noticing. However, it was the fact that I kept losing that frustrated me to the point where I had to conduct extensive research in an attempt to figure out whether a man can beat the machine. Namely, Pokies are indeed easy to play, but I got so angry since I had no luck. That is why I personally applied some of the tips below and had some success playing Pokies. So shall we begin?

The Most Popular Strategies and Rules

  • Try not to ‘overkill’ your mind by playing only on one machine or online game. Do your best to keep it fresh and crisp. If you’ve gained no winnings after ten spins, switch to another machine/game. After all, when you move from the spot that was stressing you out and giving you bad vibes, everything looks better. Besides, you can always come back to the first Pokie after you cool off a bit.
  • Breathe. Never lose your temper over the game. It is frustrating to play and play, have some expectations, and after each spin, win nothing. Trust me; I’ve been there. Count to ten, breathe, and apply the rule from above. Also, have in mind that you have the same chances of hitting the jackpot with both smaller and higher bets.
  • Keep your head as clear as possible since we all feel the need to have a drink in hand while playing. Sometimes, it can relax you and boost your mood, but there are exceptions when alcohol can make your head a ticking bomb. So try to stop after the second glass and remain level-headed. Do your best not to pay attention to your neighbouring player, especially if they are loud or are constantly winning and you are not. It is essential to calm yourself down and try and focus on your own game.
  • Play the Pokie when you are happy and when you have some extra cash you’re not afraid to lose. Understand that gambling is first and foremost a type of entertainment, so don’t gamble more than you can afford. Instead, gamble responsibly.

Strategies for Online Casino Games

Online Casino Games

  • Research which Pokie games are running ‘hot’ or ‘cold.’ In case you cannot find the information, feel free to contact the casino’s customer support to find out.
  • Always choose a casino with a wide selection of Pokie online games. Moreover, it is essential to lower your bet size if you are currently losing. When the odds are beginning to increase chances of winning, and your intuition gives you the green light, gradually increase the bet size.
  • Try playing the Demo or Free modes first in order to get more familiar with the online Pokies you wish to bet on.
  • Dig up the information on the return to player (RTP) percentage of a particular Pokie machine, and always choose one with the highest RTP (because your odds of winning will be the highest). However, do note that this percentage does fluctuate depending on the casinos’ total wins and loses.

Strategies for Pokie Machines

Pokie machines all have different payout percentages and ways for you to win money, but the excellent news is there are some good tips and tricks to help you. However, do remember that every Pokie machine is programmed to always take more money than it pays out in the long run. So play responsibly.

  • Always choose a reel or video Pokie. Reel machines usually have over 20 blanks, while video Pokies have dozens. This is important because the more blanks the machine has, the more likely it is the reels will stop on your winning combination and bring you satisfaction and some real money.
  • Look up the number of available paylines. If you want to increase your chances of winning, choose modern machines that allow you to place bets on multiple paylines.
  • Look for Pokie machines which offer generous amounts of free spins. It is a useful strategy to go looking for those since you don’t pay money for those free spins. Now, this one may require additional efforts to research, but it will most certainly save you some money.


Since Pokies first emerged back in the 1980s, they became one of the most addictive gambling games of all time. If you’ve ever played one, you know exactly what kind of thrills spinning reels can bring you. It’s the sense of expectation and thrill that is constantly keeping Pokie players on the edge of their seats.

In this article, we gave you the best pieces of advice we could find. And as long as you do not bargain more than you can afford, you can try all of our strategies for yourself. We hope you are going to be successful, but at the end of the day, remember one golden rule — PLAY FOR FUN. Always be aware of the fact Pokies are the game of odds. So if you are lucky, you will win. If not, you will lose. And luck is something that always changes. So listen to what your intuition is telling you, and go for it. We wish you all the luck in the world!

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